I have always been hopeless at keeping a diary- but the idea of a line a day seemed far more achievable than writing pages of details about my feelings and thoughts. I decided to make the commitment in 2017 and my lovely husband bought me one for Christmas 2016. I have never looked back- here’s why it has changed my life and why you might like to invest in one too.

One Line A Day could be the way forward if you can't commit to a regular journal

One Line A Day could be the way forward if you can't commit to a regular journal

They are inexpensive- Considering they cover you for 5 years instead of one- they cost around a tenner, so compared to diaries that only last a year- it’s pennies when you break it down.

They are less of a commitment- If the idea of sitting down and writing pages at the end of each day fills you with dread, with this, you only have to come up with a few words to sum up your waking hours- two minutes before bed and you’re done.

You can look back with ease- You can see exactly what you were doing at this time last year as the pages are divided into five sections, so it saves you having to locate last year’s diary to compare and contrast.

They are small- So you can throw it in with your stuff if you are away for the weekend or even take it on holiday with you to make sure you don’t fall behind.

You don’t feel like you are bearing your soul- If one of the reasons you don’t keep a diary is that you worry about other people reading it- this will put your mind at ease. If all you are writing down are facts of the day- your deepest darkest secrets won’t be exposed in the wrong hands.

It’s easy to see repetition- If every day you are doing the same old things and repeating certain behaviours- it might prompt you to do something about it and make some changes. Details like this might get lost in a longer description so it’s easy to identify if you need to shake things up.

They take up less space in your home- Once you’ve competed a 5-year diary- it takes up far less room then 5 separate journals- so if you do this all your life- you won’t be inundated with heaps of books.

It makes you selective- As you only have the one line- it makes you pick the best parts of your day. Why bother putting something mundane in there when you can fill it with things you want to remember?

It offers you some time for reflection- You may not be writing a lot to sum up your day- but it allows you to think about all the things that have happened in that 24 hour period. The good, the bad and the ugly.

It makes you more grateful- Even if nothing much happens one day- you still have to write something- which helps you to focus on the things you might take for granted- like your health, your happiness and the people in your life.

It’s a more organised memory- Memory boxes can get out of hand if you keep every little keepsake- but this is a neater, chronological way to store your memories- that is far easier to look back on when you’re feeling nostalgic.

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