It's that time of year again; the sun's coming out (slowly but surely) so it's time to dig out those shades again. But how often do you put them back on, only to stare at them in the mirror for a long time wondering if you made the right decision about your purchase last year?

Luckily for you, we've come up with the ultimate guide for wearing a bunch of classic sunglasses shapes, so no matter what your face shape/features/style, you'll end up with a pair that complement you.

The Cat's Eye

One of the most versatile styles around, these timeless frames have the ability to raise the browline and feminise even the most angular of faces. For square and triangular faces with wide jawlines, rounder frames are better; the cat's-eye flick will balance out that jaw while the round frames will soften those angular features.

The Extreme Cat's Eye

For more oval faces, there's a lot more scope for the imagination. Opt for a sharper cat's eye with more angular frames to add structure to the face, but don't go too wide on the frames as this can lengthen an already long face.

The Aviator

Another versatile pair, classic aviators with thinner frames can really complement triangular and square faces - which is why they generally look great on men. Meanwhile, heart-shaped faces can benefit from these because they balance out a narrow jawline, with the lenses gently skirting out towards the outer edges of the face.

The Wayfarer

The classic style popularised by Ray-Ban suit rounder faces (as well as oval and heart-shapes) thanks the square shape which adds demension to less striking features. It also thins out the face, which is ideal if you aren't a fan of fuller cheeks.

The Clubmaster

For triangular faces, the half-frame clubmaster style is ideal. The strength is at the wide top half of the sunglasses which adds width to a narrow forehead, while the rim-less curved lenses round out a strong jawline.

The Oversize

Oversized sunnies work great on everybody. They tend to make the face look thinner which is ideal for square and round faces, while they can strengthen the beauty of a heart-shaped face. You might want to err on the side of caution with oval faces, in which case go for sunglasses that are wider than they are long, with more angular frames.

The Circles

Perfectly round sunglasses are trendy, but they tend to suit more angular faces. A wider pair will balance out triangular faces, but for thin, dainty faces, smaller frames are more suited. If you do like the idea of round sunglasses but have a round face, consider opting for some hexagonal frames instead.

The '60s Mod

If you have an angular face but you don't much like the idea of lenses that are perfect circles, 60s mod style have a similar effect with more oval frames - and the thicker outer part of the rim will increase forehead width and balance out squared features.

The Hearts

Oval faces can get a way with funky designs like heart-shaped and star-shaped sunglasses. They add structure where there is little, so if you do have a more oval face, it's time to get experimental!

The Rectangles

If you've read through this article this far, you won't be surprise to know that rectangle sunnies are the perfect shape for round and oval faces. All those angles will give you the illusion of fantastic cheekbones, which is never a bad thing!

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