The palmer//harding collection focuses predominately on the construction of the white shirt

The palmer//harding collection focuses predominately on the construction of the white shirt

palmer//harding have expanded most definitely since last season, so much so they've added skirts, a trouser, jumper and winter jacket, all centred of course, around their classic shirt.


The pair was inspired by conflict for the AW13 collection and play in a world of duality.

Fluidity and structure, austerity and romance, dirty and clean - these opposites are captured through innovative cutting, considered detailing, new proportions and sumptuous embroidery and fabrics.

For the second season running palmer//harding received the COTTON USA sponsorship, which includes an impressive set of alumni like Richard Nicholl, Preen and PPQ, they used luxurious American cotton to heal realise the dual nature achieved in the collection.

“The Cotton USA sponsorship is incredibly important to us,” said Matthew Harding. “It gives validation for a young brand to receive such a sponsorship and it really helps to put us on a global scale.”

The collection was presented in static form, in an environment created by Thomas Bird, to allow the viewer to carefully consider the subtle elements of each piece and absorb the emotional undertones within the collection.

Levi Palmer said: “We love working with cotton – it’s such a versatile material. As we are a shirt focused brand, we concentrate a lot on cotton, predominately US cotton.”

Matthew explained to me at the presentation that the white shirt will always be at the core of the collection as they move forward, but they will expand on items like they have done this season with the introduction of new items which add texture to their collection.

Whilst some may believe this is just a white shirt, it’s the incredible attention-to-detail that makes these works of art.

Small details on the cuffs, collars and waist ensure these pieces stand out.

I asked Matthew which other staple items he thinks women should invest in, other than the white shirt, he explained that any item can be a staple it’s just important that you get the right piece for you, whether that’s shape or material. 

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