Ciara keeps cool in a maxi dress at her baby shower

Ciara keeps cool in a maxi dress at her baby shower

Ciara has admitted that she has been favouring her fiancé’s loose-fit clothing during the last months of her pregnancy and whilst she most probably looks beautiful it’s not really an option when we’ve got to look presentable.

If you’re struggling with maternity style as we head into the warmer months we have a helpful guide of maternity style for spring.

Still take inspiration from Ciara as loose-fit clothing is definitely going to make you feel a lot more comfortable, especially as you head to the end of your pregnancy.

We love what the singer wore to her baby shower too, pictured above with Lala Anthony and Kim Kardashian, Ciara looks beautiful in her white maxi dress with red embroidery. Maxi dresses are a style staple for spring, especially when pregnant. They’re easy to wear and the loose-fit or stretchy fabric will leave you able to move around easily and feel at ease in what you’re wearing.

Leggings paired with tunic tops are another look you’ll find yourself wearing time and time again through your spring pregnancy, much preferable to jeans for a day-to-day look as they’re a lot lighter to wear.

If you’re going to an event this spring/summer trapeze dresses will flatter your maternity style and you won’t have to feel restricted in your look either, there are some beautiful prints and colours to choose from too, depending on your personal style.

So ensure you don’t have to raid your partner’s wardrobe this spring and get your maternity style sorted with these fashionable items. 

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