Thanks to the Saint Laurent Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, Glitter shoes are no longer just reserved for Dorothy; we can wear them without funny looks.

Glitter boots will certainly make a style statement

Glitter boots will certainly make a style statement

They're *so* in style.

But with prices starting upwards of £500 for shoes from Saint Laurent, these ankle boots are around £700, you're more likely to find us sticking glitter on ourselves than forking out for these.

Yes, they're gorgeous and will certainly make a statement, but £700, really?!

Thankfully ASOS have answered our fashion needs with their own version, that are a little deeper in shade, making them a lot more wearable and what's more they're just a fraction of the price.

They're £45. Music, and money, to our ears.

Of course they're not for everyone, but they are fun and we like fashion and fun.

Will you be wearing these boots?

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