Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos

Every year there is one trend them seems to leave us all divided. This year it’s temporary tattoos.

Yes I know what you’re thinking, the ones you used to get free in crisp bags on holiday? Sadly yes but in a much classier way, even though I am still not convinced myself.

In fashion it’s all about the small details, they make an outfit complete. Mastermind designer Karl Lagerfeld is racing ahead of the pack showcasing his true ability to be a trendsetter not a follower.

Appearing in the Chanel Spring 2010 fashion show in Pairs were small and subtle Chanel temporary tattoos, which resembled chic chains, rosary beads and some fairytale swallows.

Some models sported a Chanel bracelet or necklace while one model took it to the next level and showcased a tattoo garter.

I usually jump on the bandwagon but with this I think I am staying well away from. You walk a thin line and risk coming across cheap struggling to keep them looking a classy, sophisticated fashion statement.

A lot of the British public won’t get the trend and will try not to laugh at you for indulging in such a childlike past time.

Other people may think just get a permanent tattoo they have a point and then there will be people who think you are walking round being and advertisement for Chanel.

Those people have a point and the two C’s can come across tacky and trying to hard in a fashion world that is all about being an individual.

No doubt they will be an instant hit and there will come a point when nearly everyone will have them leaving you feel deflated and no longer unique.

It happens with every must have trend the whole pack follows, maybe for this trend in particular we should run the opposite way and rebel against the preachers of fashion.

If however you think I am talking garbage and want to get your hands on these tattoos they are available from Chanel Selfridges Boutiques from March and will cost you £40.

Hurry up though there will no doubt already be a waiting list forming, get next on the list!

Natalie Broxton

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