Being comfortable in your clothes whilst pregnant is the most important thing, looking stylish ranks quite highly too, and whilst you may be put off by the thought of uncomfortable denim jeans through your pregnancy, George at Asda have come up with an incredible solution, Wonderfit maternity jeans that grow with your bump.

And what's more, whilst you may begrudgingly pay extortionate prices for maternity jeans at other retailers, these George pair are only £18.

These Wonderfit maternity jeans are an expansion of the hugely successful pair that were launched last year in the women's main fashion line. But these maternity options will increase and decrease in size as you gain and lose weight, but most importantly they accommodate an ever-growing baby bump.

The smart design means that you can wear the same pair of jeans throughout your whole pregnancy; the jeans will fit perfectly whether it's week five or 35.

Over 40% of mothers said they gained between one and two stone over the course of their pregnancy, and spent £200 on a new wardrobe to fit their changing shape.

Thrifty shoppers should take not, the maternity jeans favoured by Kate Middleton, from designer label J Brand, cost more than ten times the price than the Asda pair at £180.

A third of women complain that High Street maternity clothing is more expensive than shopping for standard wardrobe staples. At just £18, the Maternity Wonderfit Jeans are exactly the SAME price as standard Wonderfit, meaning that Asda shoppers won't be paying a premium for the maternity design features at what is already an expensive time in their lives.

Over 50% of women said that jeans are a wardrobe "essential" - yet just 10% of women are able to wear their normal denims during pregnancy as their body shape changes.

Helen Low, Design Director of George said: " Mums-to-be deserve to look stylish and fabulous throughout their special time. At George, we are hugely proud of our maternity range, which incorporates all the design expertise and fashion forward detail that can be found in the rest of our womenswear collection. Our unique Wonderfit Jeans are already a wardrobe staple for thousands of women across the nation, so to bring this innovative technology into our brand new maternity offering is a great way to offer a stylish solution to expectant mums. No matter how much your body shape changes - and your baby bump grows - our 'wonder' denim will fit perfectly."

The Maternity Wonderfit Jeans' innovative technology uses a compact weave fabric with high elastane content allowing the same pair of jeans to fit perfectly even if women change up to three dress sizes throughout pregnancy. The specialist fabric ensures the jeans keep their shape, springing back to the smallest size once washed. Instead of a traditional fly and waistband, the maternity style features a jersey overband that will stretch to the size of the baby bump for added comfort.

Available in indigo and black, the jeans are sized at Small (8-10-12), Medium (14-16), and Large (18-20) and are available online at now.

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