Finding the perfect pair of jeans has been likened to finding 'the one', the results of the research show that 45% of women said that their favourite item of clothing in their wardrobe was that perfect pair of blue jeans.

A quarter of women kept their favourite item longer than their partners would, even 90% of the women asked said they would be upset if they could no longer wear them. Some women even confessed they would rather lose their wedding ring or partner than their favourite jeans. 40% of women were confident when wearing their favourite pair of jeans. Celebrity influence and designer brands do not play a role in determining why women prefer their jeans over other pieces in their wardrobe.

However, celebrities love their favourite jeans too, with Kate Middleton repeatedly pictured in her navy denim J Brand 811 skinny jeans and Victoria Beckham frequently getting snapped in her favourite R13 Black Marble rip jeans.

The average price paid by women for their favourite jeans is £59.41, meaning British women spend £1.5 billion on their beloved denim. The research shows that women keep their jeans for an average of three years, with the typical relationship now lasting two years and nine months, women are keeping their jeans longer than their partners.

Harley Street psychotherapist Christine Webber says "Huge numbers of females never think they look as great in their clothes as their friends think they do, so it's not surprising that the survey shows we pick our favourite clothing item because it gives us confidence, and because we actually feel we look good in it."

"Jeans are a staple of many women's wardrobes and the fact that they flatter us, but are also easy to wear makes them an understandable favourite."

Colour Catcher's Manuela Unger said "It is clear we all have one item of clothing we can't be without, but our research also reveals that 40 per cent of women do not take extra care when washing their favourite clothes and we all know laundry mishaps can happen. Taking extra care when washing will help save time, money and even upset in the long run!"

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Women love their one pair of 'perfect' jeans

Women love their one pair of 'perfect' jeans

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