Vanessa Hudgens loves matching her lipstick to her outfit.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens

The 'High School Musical' actress doesn't have a signature lip colour she sticks to because she'd rather co-ordinate her make-up with her outfit.

Asked if she has any beauty must-haves, she said: "I mean what girl doesn't is the question. I have recently been obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury's lipsticks. She sent me a little care package and I have so many different coloured lipsticks, and it makes me so happy because I love matching.

"So if I'm going to wear a red top I have the perfect match red lipstick."

And Vanessa loves a bright colour to cheer up a gloomy day.

She added: "I'm very into colours, it's the only way to survive in the cold of winter."

The 31-year-old actress doesn't have any "rules" when it comes to fashion and but she simply chooses her outfit to match her mood.

She told "I don't do rules! My style changes so much it's kinda crazy that I just dress for how I feel in that moment because I might change again in a few hours."

When she isn't working, Vanessa likes to relax with a glass of wine and her favourite video game.

She said: "I'm always a sucker for a glass of red wine, and then I take that red wine, sit down and open up 'The Sims'.

"My schedule is always so crazy so it's really nice to have a game that lets me escape into my own little Sims world, which I create myself.

"I first discovered 'The Sims' really young. But my sister was even younger and she would play it all the time. I feel like I have some of my best memories sitting down with her and watching her play, and playing with her.

"I kinda forgot about it for a second then realised it's still a thing and started playing myself and have completely gotten hooked with the game and then game packs, the magic game packs - I'm like what do you mean I get to spend all day casting spells - it sounds like the best time ever."

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