Tina Knowles-Lawson has tipped her granddaughter, Blue Ivy, to become a make-up artist.

Tina Knowles-Lawson (c) Instagram

Tina Knowles-Lawson (c) Instagram

Beyonce's mom has previously shared how she bonds with her nine-year-old grandkid - who is the eldest child of the 'Single Ladies' hitmaker and her husband Jay-Z - over make-up and she's done yet another look on her grandparent that shows her skills are far beyond her age.

Tina, 67, captioned a selfie of her glam on Instagram: "My talented granddaughter Blue made up my face today. She is only 9 years old can you imagine her at 15 doing my makeup? She Beat My Face. Gonna save me a lot of money on make up artist fees (sic)"

In October, Blue - who is a big sister to twins Rumi and Sir, three - turned her grandmother into a skeleton for Halloween.

Tina wrote: "My Blue is a great make up artist ! She made me into Grandma Skeleton !! (sic)'

The businesswoman previously revealed she connects wth Blue by doing each other's make-up.

She said: "I've bought Blue so many make-up kits, much to her dad's dismay. Dad's don't like that. But it's just for playtime. We have fun. And she's quite a make-up artist. She's amazing. Oh my god, she puts stones and all this fancy stuff. She can do a perfect cat eye. She would love it here."

Tina let her daughters - Beyonce, 39, and Solange, 34 - use make-up when they were 13, but only let them have the basics.

She added: "I let my girls start wearing makeup when they were about 13. When they turned into a teenager. A little lipgloss, maybe a little blush. And I always believed in a little mascara; that's so fun. But not any base and all that stuff. That's a little much."

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