Taylor Hill's "favourite model" is Christy Turlington.

Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill

The 21-year-old model - who was scouted by photographer Jim Jordan aged 14 years old - has admitted the 48-year-old supermodel is her ultimate catwalk icon, and she has always admired the star because of her "strength of character".

Speaking to Cosmopolitan magazine about her muse, the brunette beauty said: "My favourite model is Christy Turlington.

"She is an extraordinary, magnetic and sweet woman with a strength of character I really admire."

However, the Victoria's Secret Angel has also pitted her siblings Logan Rae, 22, Mackinley, 19, and brother Chase, 18, as her biggest inspiration ahead of the fashion muse.

Taylor - who has recently launched her own YouTube channel with her relatives titled The Hills Sisters and Chase - continued: "But the women who inspire me most in everyday life are my sisters."

Meanwhile, the star has revealed she does her best to ignore the "nastiness" on social media, although she has made a habit of making "friends" with her social media followers.

Speaking about the benefits and draw-backs of online platforms, she said: "For me the basis of social media is being authentic, and true to yourself. I talk to my followers as if they were friends, even if I don't know them, although many of them actually do end up becoming friends.

"[But] I don't pay any attention to online nastiness. I've learned never to focus on the negative side."

And Taylor has even set up an Instagram account for her pet Labradoodle, who she has with her 31-year-old boyfriend Michael Stephen Shank, so she can keep an eye on her pooch when she is working away from home.

She said: "I opened an Instagram account for him, so I can see him when I'm away. When travelling on business, I often call my family and talk to him on FaceTime."

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