Tallulah Willis' upcoming vintage line Wyllis is all about "inclusivity and kindness".

Tallulah Willis

Tallulah Willis

The 25-year-old actress - the youngest daughter of 'Ghost' actress Demi Moore and 'Die Hard' star Bruce Willis - is set to launch the fashion range with her friend Rachael Finley next year, and she says the aim was to "mirror" the way she lives her own life.

She explained: "I live my life really with the intention of compassion and inclusivity and kindness. And I thought, how can I create something that mirrors that?

"So, from the beginning, there was a huge emphasis on size inclusion and a really affordable price point."

A special touch for the items is a tag that reads, 'You Are Never Alone', with the telephone number for the National Suicide Prevention hotline and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

On January 15, a string of sweatshirts will be released with the words 'Yeah, I'm Fine', and 'Nothing Like Feeling Super Vulnerable' emblazoned across them, with more pieces set to follow.

Tallulah - who has detailed her own battle with mental illness and been open about having suicidal thoughts in the past - also admitted that she has "struggled immensely with self-image issues", but whenever she is posing for the cameras, she comes out of her shell.

She told Refinery 29: "Whenever I get in front of the camera, I tend to go wiggly.

"I go back into, like, six-year-old me in my mom's high heels, and I'm just like, okay, here we go. Let's get weird.

"Let's bend our body.

"It's funny because I'm someone who has struggled immensely with self-image issues and the way that I look and not being confident.

"And yet, in photo shoots, it's like this other side comes out, and I'm able to kind of put that in the corner."