Sophie Turner has collaborated with Louis Vuitton to design a friendship bracelet.

Sophie Turner from Instagram (c)

Sophie Turner from Instagram (c)

The 22-year-old actress teamed up with the luxury fashion house to create an accessory for the label's partnership with UNICEF and the 'Game of Thrones' star wanted her bracelet to "integrate the idea of luck and also inclusion of many countries and cultures."

Sharing a photo of herself wearing the chunky red and white bracelet, she wrote: "On #WorldChildrensDay it's exciting for me to announce my collaboration with #LVforUNICEF to design a friendship bracelet. I want to explain the significance of the colours and also the charm that I designed.

"As we know, LV is known for being a brand all about travel and so the brands identity itself is important when collaborating with a charity that is prevalent all over the world. It's all about bringing people together.

"I wanted my bracelet to hold luck for all the children whom the proceeds from this bracelet go to. So I wanted to integrate the idea of luck and also inclusion of many countries and cultures. (sic)"

The 'X-Men: Apocalypse' actress went on to explain that she chose the colours and the small rabbit charm on the accessory as the symbol connected several cultures.

She said: "I wanted to have the braids made of two colours; red and white. Red is considered a lucky colour in China.

"And the white coincides with my idea for having the little circular charm on the bracelet, a rabbit. A. Because WHITE rabbits are considered very lucky in the UK and a rabbit foot is considered lucky in many parts of Europe, China, Africa, North and South America.

"It also has a little bit of me on there because I have the same rabbit designed tattooed on my arm by @curtmontgomerytattoos #MAKEAPROMISE" (sic)

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