Sadie Sink has "always been interested in fashion".

Sadie Sink

Sadie Sink

The 'Stranger Things' actress shot a campaign for luxury accessory retailer Kate Spade earlier this year alongside Kiki Layne and Julia Garner, and has said she was stunned to see her face on the homepage of the company's website because she's been a fan of the brand since she was a little girl.

She said: "I've always been interested in fashion ever since I was little, and obviously I didn't have access to the brands I do now. I'd always just look at Chanel and Kate Spade and think how incredible these brands were.

"To see that the campaign I did for Kate Spade is on the homepage, that's insane. The number of times I've logged onto this website and just dreamed about all these clothes and now I'm in this campaign - I'm so blessed."

The 17-year-old star also loves Rooney Mara's vegan collection Hiraeth, as she says it "represents" her own style because there are elements of the brand that bring together various looks.

She explained: "It represents my style a lot because, like I said, I'm not defined by one style. Her collection is so feminine - there are a lot of flowy, beautiful pieces - and then she has all of these tough elements that she adds to it like leather harnesses that just toughen up the look a bit. That's my favourite thing to wear, I like to combine styles. If I'm ever wearing a super-flowy dress, I like to toughen it up with a boot or something."

Sadie says she's not "defined by one style" and likes to experiment with her looks.

Speaking to Who What Wear, she said: "I don't think I'm defined by one style. I'm not just edgy and I'm not just into a tomboy look and I'm not just girly. I do what I want, and if I like something, I'll wear it."

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