A couple of handbags here, a dozen dresses there, not to mention various shirts, shoes, skirts, blouses, boots and bras spilling out of the side. The average woman's wardrobe needs tips from Mary Poppins' space-altering shopper to stuff its contents inside. And while you may have lovingly curated your favourite pieces over the years, you probably have no idea how much everything you wear is worth.

Enter River Island, with its brilliant (or, perhaps, brutal!) 'Wardrobe Calculator'. It's an online tool that works out how much your clothing collection is worth. You can even compare your total to other users in the UK, to see whether you're a massive splurge or a modest spender.

The calculator is divided into categories, such as shoes, handbags and dresses, and all you have to do is enter how many you have of each and whether they're designer or from the high street. Then hold your breath and hit 'calculate'.

River Island also surveyed 1,000 consumers to find out how much cash they're stashing in their closets. Turns out, on average we're showcasing £3,600 worth of shoes on our shoe racks. In fact, we spend more on footwear than on anything else, with what we wear on our feet taking up nearly a quarter of our total clothing budget.

Arm candy isn't far behind - the average worth of our handbag collections is a pretty whopping £5,250, with ladies in the West Midlands owning the bulk of the bags, with 14 each, on average. Less surprisingly, River Island found that women own nearly three times as many pairs of shoes as men, and that twice as many women as men will spend over £100 on their wardrobe every month.

Josie Roscop, Marketing Director from River Island says "Our calculator can just be used for a bit of fun, or it can make you stop and think about how much value there really is in your wardrobe. Maybe you're thinking of having a clear out and looking for items to upload to eBay - some of it could make you quite a bit of money in the run up to Christmas or simply to update your wardrobe with the latest look from River Island ."

You can find the 'Wardrobe Calculator" here - http://www.riverisland.com/wardrobe-calculator

Want to know how much your wardrobe is worth?

Want to know how much your wardrobe is worth?

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