Phoebe Tonkin feels her best when she is "swimming in the ocean".

 Phoebe Tonkin

Phoebe Tonkin

The 'Vampire Diaries' actress is known for her toned physique and glowing complexion on and off camera, and now the Australian beauty has revealed her secret to maintaining a "healthy" lifestyle is to be "loved and respected" by her family and friends, and also take a dip in the sea as often as she can because it leaves her feeling "satisfied".

She said: "I think when I feel my best, it's when I feel creatively fulfilled and satisfied, and challenged. I feel loved and respected by the people in my life, whether that's boyfriends or friends. And when I feel like I'm, in turn, being loving and kind and grateful and also being healthy. Getting a lot of ocean swims in a day."

And Phoebe recently turned age 30, which has been the "happiest" time of her life.

She added: "I think right now is the happiest time. I think 30 is the best. I mean, I've been 30 for a week. I was really excited to turn 30. I think even though it's just a number, there's just something kind of, I don't know, momentous about a new decade in your life. And I really think this is going to be a good one for me."

The 'Originals' star - who has been an ambassador for Chanel since last year - loves working with the luxury fashion house because the brand is "timeless" and doesn't want her to change any part of herself.

She told Harper's Bazaar US: "I think there's something really kind of timeless and classic and elegant, but still sort of strong and a little rebellious about the Chanel woman.

"And I like being part of a brand that really wants you to feel and look like yourself, while still sort of being a face, or a representation of the house. That you can style the clothes in a way that you would wear them, as opposed to being put in full head-to-toe looks."