Mary Greenwell thinks her success is down to luck.

Mary Greenwell with Fearne Cotton at the Glamour Beauty Festival

Mary Greenwell with Fearne Cotton at the Glamour Beauty Festival

The 56-year-old celebrity make-up artist doesn't rate herself as "extra talented" and believes the models she's worked with over the years have helped carve out her career.

Speaking at the Glamour Beauty Festival in London's Saatchi Gallery on Saturday (12.03.16), she said: "It came from those young girls - that is why we became who we are.

"It is nothing to do with being extra talented, let me confirm that. It was about being in the right place at the right time, as simple as that.

"The most important part of the story is I arrived in Paris in the spring of 1984, when all the supermodels were out.

"They were 16 and we were all there together, and I remember that summer just watching those girls grow in front of my eyes, and it was the most extraordinary thing. Out of that time came, which then established their careers in '86, came this band of super hair and super makeup."

Whilst giving a talk at the popular festival, which was presented by Fearne Cotton, Mary also spoke about the iconic 1992 cover shoot she worked on for Vogue.

The 100th anniversary special featured 10 supermodels - Christy Turlington, Lina Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Karen Muldern, Elaine Irwin, Miki Taylor, Yasmeen Ghauri, Claudi Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Tatjana Patitz.

She said: "The most interesting thing about that picture was actually seeing who was at the bottom and who was at the top - it was very interesting to see.

"They were all scrambling to be at the top. The only person who didn't scramble to be at the top of the ladder was the divine Christie who must be the biggest heart in the world, and she was just put there. And Linda was desperate to be at the top."