Jo Malone's husband has nicknamed her "super sniffer".

Jo Malone at The Mayfair Collective: Women's Space event

Jo Malone at The Mayfair Collective: Women's Space event

The British perfumer - who set up her eponymous brand, which was sold to the cosmetics giant Estée Lauder in 1999 - has admitted her spouse of over 30 years, Gary, regularly addresses her as a superhero because of her acute sense of smell.

Speaking at The Mayfair Collective: The Women's Space event on Wednesday (15.03.17), which ran for one week from March 8 to celebrate International Women's Day, the inspiring entrepreneur quipped during a Q&A attended by BANG Showbiz: "My husband came to me this morning and said 'There's a cup of tea for you super sniffer.'

"I'm dyslexic so my sense of smell is my predominant sense, and I see colour, and I see the colour but I smell tangerine skin. The sense of smell is so strong for me."

The businesswoman, who launched her recent label Jo Loves five years ago, has admitted her predominant sensory organ has put her on par with sniffer dogs who are trained to detect cancer, and explosives, after she took part in a test at a recent visit to a dog detection unit.

She explained: "About a year ago I was talking about synaesthesia, and I possibly had synaesthesia, which is where all your sense become muddled, which is why my sense of smell is so dominant.

"And this amazing person wrote to me, and she is a woman called Claire Guest, she is a psychologist and a scientist, and she has a dog detection unit down in Milton Keynes where they train dogs to sniff out tumours and diabetes and epilepsy. She asked if I wanted to go down to see if I could test my nose with a dog. So I thought 'I've never done that before'. So off I trotted, and I had a thing with myself that I would have four life adventures and do something I had never done before. Anyway, I went down and worked with the dogs, I went into the unit. The dogs all sniff control, and there will be one drop in one hundred thousand drops, one drop in a million drops, and one drop in ten million drops and they'd never met a human being that could actually do the same as the dogs, and I did.

"[It's] really amazing.

"So I managed to do all of the tests the dogs did. It is amazing what I do."