Jo Malone's new candle celebrates friendship.

Jo Malone

Jo Malone

The limited-edition candle was created by the fragrance queen in collaboration with HELLO! magazine's editor-in-chief Rosie Nixon and features a "layered fragrance of rich, creamy gardenia; light, fresh orange blossom; and the heavier tuberose".

Jo told HELLO!: "They symbolise the bonds between friends. One bloom complements and enhances the next, making one another stronger. For me, when creating fragrance, I am telling you the stories of my life, and this is the story of great friends. You often need really strong notes to stand either side of one another to bring the beauty of a fragrance alive.

"Similarly, when you find a good friend, you treasure them. You hold on to the real treasures like jewels. I'm in my 50s now and I look at the real gems in my life - the people who have been there through thick and thin but who brought out the best of me.

"This is a celebration of friendship. The opportunity to say: 'I love who you are.'"

Rosie added: "There's something really magical about lighting a candle. It's a really nice way of telling someone how important they are to you and to thank them."

The candle already has a number of celebrity fans, including Gaby Roslin and Lorraine Kelly.

Gaby wrote on Instagram: "This candle smells of kindness, warmth and friendship. [Jo and Rosie] have created a magical smell that has captured friendship perfectly."

Lorraine added: "Love it and getting one for all my pals - perfect way to celebrate friendship."