Jo Malone struggled to find swimwear that fitted her after her battle with breast cancer.

Jo Malone

Jo Malone

The British perfumer was diagnosed with cancer in the early 2000's and although she has since overcome the life-threatening illness she has admitted she found it difficult to find the perfect beachwear to suit her.

Speaking about her wardrobe dilemmas, the creative mastermind said: "After surviving breast cancer, it's difficult to find swimwear that fits."

However, the beauty muse has revealed the fashion boutique named Eres has been her saviour for the past 12 years, and she claims the company is the only brand that is "flattering" for her body shape and "always fits perfectly".

She explained: "I've worn Eres swimsuits for the last 12 years ... but Eres is flattering and always fits perfectly."

Jo has admitted she also loves to wear sunglasses, and is particularly in love with the designer Italian brand's eye-wear collection.

The blonde-haired mogul said: "I love sunglasses and am a huge Prada fun. The shape of these [Prada round-faced sunglasses] reminds me of that glamorous '60s Hollywood pool party look."

And Jo has revealed she will keep her make-up looking as "natural" as possible in the hotter months, and relies on a nude lipstick from Hourglass.

Speaking about her beauty regime, she said: "I love to keep my make-up natural and this [Hourglass] pale pink colour is the perfect shade for me."

Meanwhile, the 53-year-old entrepreneur - who launched her eponymous cosmetics line Jo Malone London in 1983, which has since been taken over by Estée Lauder, and has recently launched Jo Loves - will carry around "two bottles" of her popular Jo Loves fragrance Pomelo in her bag wherever she goes because it is her "favourite" scent.

Speaking to Net-a-Porter about her summer essentials, Jo said: "I love to fill my home with fresh flowers and always travel with this [White Rose and Lemon Leaves] candle to remind me of home.

"Pomelo is my favourite fragrance. Inspired by summer holidays, I never travel without at least two bottles in my bag."