Jo Malone felt "vulnerable" writing her autobiography 'Jo Malone: My Story'.

Jo Malone

Jo Malone

The 53-year-old business woman has admitted she didn't hold back in divulging everything about her personal life in her new book, including her battle to overcome breast cancer, although recalling certain moments left her feeling emotionally unprepared and saw her "quit" writing the memoir on two occasions.

Speaking about the text, the blonde beauty said: "It's the most vulnerable I have ever felt in my life because I had been very truthful. But it's also a thank you and a love letter to those people all the way through your life. There are so many emotions and I quit twice. I put it down. I said 'No, I'm not prepared to emotionally unpack this baggage.'"

The successful entrepreneur is hoping to inspire others with her story after insisting she came from "nothing", but has built up a widely recognised brand.

The perfumer said: "I think there are going to be lots of bits that people will identify with. I think this is a book on business, on life, on survival. And I think the younger generation will read it and think 'My goodness, look what she did with nothing. What can we do now?' So it's an inspiring kind of book."

And Jo - who has launched her new brand Jo Loves after selling her eponymous label to Estée Lauder - has got big plans for the future, and would like to build a school to teach people how to "smell fragrance."

She told HELLO! magazine: "One day I'd love to build a school where people come and learn to smell fragrance in a whole different way, just to really lift the lid off.

"In the next ten years I'd love to do that and just implant to a next generation how you can think very differently."