Jo Malone has been asked to write an autobiography for the past "20 years".

Jo Malone at the Mayfair Collective

Jo Malone at the Mayfair Collective

The British perfumer has recently launched her tell-all text 'Jo Malone: My Story', which details her career highs and lows as well as her battle with cancer, but the mogul has revealed she had been flooded with requests to pen her book for the past two decades, although she never felt ready to put her life story into words until now.

Speaking about the project she had repeatedly put off over the years at The Mayfair Collective: The Women's Space event, which was attended by BANG Showbiz, Jo - who sold her eponymous cosmetics company to Estée Lauder and has since launched Jo Loves - said: "I'd been asked to write a book for the last 20 years, I think when you build something everyone sells 'Write a book, write a book'. So, once I built the brand [Jo Malone] and sold it to Estée Lauder that was a perfect time to write a book, but I didn't feel ready. Emotionally you have to be really ready to write your life story because I knew the stuff I was going to unpack, about my family.

" And then when I sold the business, when I fought cancer and on coming back from that that was a great time to write a book, but I didn't feel ready."

However, the entrepreneur felt the time was right to put pen to paper one year ago when she felt she was at the peak of her career.

She explained: "And it wasn't until about a year ago when I thought I want to end my book standing on a mountain side, not standing in a valley, and I was at the Dubai Congress receiving an honour - I was made an honouree shopkeeper - and I stood up there, and as I stood up there I thought 'This is the moment, this is the mountain side'. And so the book actually ends at that moment when I go up and receive that award."