Lucy Mecklenburgh has shed four stone since giving birth in March.

Lucy Mecklenburgh

Lucy Mecklenburgh

The 28-year-old star welcomed son Roman with fiance Ryan Thomas four months ago and revealed she has lost her baby weight by eating three balanced meals a day.

She wrote on Instagram: "A lot of people are asking me about my diet after Roman, but the answer is I'm not on one. I eat three balanced meals a day, lots of water when I breastfeed and a few snacks e.g. oat cookies, hummus, rice cakes, half an avocado.

"I do lots of walking and light exercises & stretches on @resultswithbump. And I've lost 4 stone! No fads, no slimming pills, no laxatives teas/ coffees and absolutely NO MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKES!!! (sic)"

Meanwhile, Lucy - who is the CEO of fitness empire Results With Lucy - previously revealed she believes in "all things in moderation".

She said: "It's never easy to start sorting new but it's good to set a date and say, 'This is when I'm going to start living heather'.

"Yo-yoing between fad diets is no good and waiting until January every year to put yourself through daily gruelling gym workouts - and giving up three weeks later - won't help either. You need to find a balance you can maintain, a lifestyle that works for you.

"I love sharing my workouts with people. It keeps me motivated too. I make sure I share my whole life."

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