Linda Evangelista wants "advice" from new models.

Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista

The 51-year-old supermodel - who made her modelling debut at the age of 19 and has gone on to have a successful career at the helm of the fashion industry for over three decades - has admitted she thinks her contemporaries are "so fabulous" and would gladly take tips from today's catwalk icons.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the brunette beauty said: "They can give me advice.

"They're so fabulous, they've got the world in their hands. They're so aware and so in control -- they're just so fabulous."

Meanwhile, Linda - who is the vice president and creative director of the skincare brand Erasa XEP-30 - has revealed there were times when she "can't be bothered" to spend a long time on her skin care regime, and the brand has helped her to "knock out" steps in her beauty routine.

Speaking previously, she said: "I know what doesn't work.

"I realized there was wasted time and wasted money involved in my skin care regimen. [It got] overwhelming-sometimes you just can't be bothered.

"I have wrinkles and I'm okay with wrinkles-but Erasa addressed so many of my other issues too. It's an all-in-one product. It knocks out so many steps of the beauty routine."

Meanwhile, Linda - who was recognised as one of the five supermodels alongside Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell - has revealed she is wearing "less and less and less" cosmetic products as she gets older.

She said: "I feel like I'm wearing less and less and less [make-up], especially this year. I've done some photo shoots and I'm like, 'Do we really need to put on that much? I don't understand.' I'm feeling so good about my skin that I feel like just a tinted moisturizer will do it and a little powder, and concealer if you have a blemish or whatever. I think less, sometimes, is more. I like seeing the person."