Lily James enjoys photoshoots.

Lily James covers AnOther

Lily James covers AnOther

The 'Rebecca' actress is a "physical, sensual person" and is particularly inspired by movement when she's working.

She said: "When I'm filming, the first costume fitting is often where I start understanding how the character moves and stands - their internal rhythm.

"I'm definitely a physical, sensual person. I like photo shoots - I love shapes and movement. How I move my body makes me feel something."

Costumes are always important to the 30-year-old actress but she struggled at first with the designer outfits she wears as Mrs. de Winter because she didn't think they were right for the character as depicted in the novel by Daphne du Maurier.

She told AnOther magazine: "Initially I was worried, thinking, 'She's meant to be unfashionable - I can't wear Chanel.' But we found a good balance.

"I think I was really annoying because I love that book so much. I clutched to it like a lifeline and wasn't brave enough for a while to just let it go and say, 'This is a new version.'

"I was like that with 'War and Peace', too. I'm a bit of a control freak and I don't trust myself that much, so if there's something there saying how it should be, I trust that rather than myself, which was a bit difficult. But then I just have to allow myself to really inhabit it."

Despite her career success, Lily admitted she still gets nervous and she creates a "caricature" of herself as a "security blanket".

She added: "When I'm a bit nervous and don't know what to say, I go very jolly hockey sticks, I sound like a boarding-school girl who's 15 years old and has midnight feasts. It's like a security blanket - I just become some sort of caricature. Sometimes I think, 'Lily, for God's sake, what's wrong with you?'"

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