Lewis Hamilton says the fashion world is similar to that of Formula One.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

The 33-year-old racing driver has recently launched a new clothing collection with Tommy Hilfiger, and the four-time world champion has drawn parallels between motor sport and the fashion industry.

In an interview with GQ Magazine, the British driver said: "I didn't realise it takes as long as it does, I didn't realise the parallels between fashion and Formula One.

"We have 1,600 people in my team [Mercedes] to build those two cars and everything else is built in house.

"It's very similar to how they do these fashion shows. There's so much work that goes into it, months and months for eight or ten minutes of a show."

The collection has influences from Riccardo Tisci, Louis Vuitton, Supreme, Virgil Abloh, Fear Of God and features bold colours and various types of tartan.

The sporting icon explained: "I love bold stuff. I quite like taking risks".

Lewis is new to the world of fashion, but he's made a concerted effort to learn about the industry after a childhood entirely focused on racing.

Recalling his childhood in the UK, he shared: "I could never get this parka I loved as a kid, it was like- do you want a parka jacket or do you want to race.

"That's where all the money went, so I decided I wanted to design one."

Despite being a world-famous star, Lewis was willing to start from the bottom rung in the fashion industry.

And the champion racer revealed he plans to persist with designing after his driving career has finished.

He continued: "I wanted to really get involved; I wanted to be an intern and sit with the designers. I want to learn from them the whole time.

"I would prefer when I stop racing to not stay in this world or for that to be the only thing I do.

"So for these past six or seven years I've been really focusing on understanding things that I like, things that I'm good at.

"Fashion was about discovering something else that I was into so when I stop racing I have something else that I'm passionate about to move on to."