Lena Dunham admits walking the runway during London Fashion Week was an "adrenaline rush".

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

The 33-year-old actress made her Fashion Week debut for 16Arlington, the London-based label founded by designers Marco Capaldo and Kikka Cavenati, and Lena has confessed to relishing the experience.

She shared: "It's an adrenaline rush out there.

"I have to say, I think I was very coddled today - all of the girls were running and doing their quick changes, but people were there at every juncture telling me where to go, so I feel lucky about that."

Then, in self-deprecating fashion, Lena added: "It's hard for me to imagine that I'm going to get a ton of job offers off the back of it, but it was a delight."

Lena also revealed that good fortune played a big part in her appearance at Fashion Week.

Speaking to Vogue, she explained: "I was introduced to Marco and Kikka through my stylist, Chris Warren, when they did my dress for the 'Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood' premiere here in London.

"When they asked me to walk the runway for their first show, I was like, of course! I would do anything for you guys."

Lena is a big fan of the 16Arlington brand, saying the designs made her feel like a "hot Muppet".

She said: "It's my greatest joy to wear things that are a little bit funny.

"And what I love about Marco and Kikka is that they make something that fits your body beautifully, but also has a sense of humour.

"When I went to the 'Once Upon a Time' premiere, I was like, 'I look like a hot Muppet!'"

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