Lauren Conrad is set to add more products to her beauty brand.

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

The 34-year-old business woman launched her company Lauren Conrad Beauty last month with just five products, and now she is expanding the brand with 26 more pieces in the makeup, skin-care, and body-care categories.

Speaking to Allure, she said: "I started the process a couple of times, but I wanted to wait until I could check all my boxes of formulas, packaging, and affordable price point. I've worked on this line for two-and-a-half years, but I've tried for many years to make it happen."

The long product list includes multiple types of facial cleansers, a vitamin C oil, as well as two types of body moisturizers and two eyeshadow palettes.

But for the former reality star, her favourite product is the liquid eyeliner after making a statement with her signature cat-eye look throughout her youth.

She explained: "Going into this process, I thought the one thing I especially had to get right was the liquid eyeliner.

"It's one of those products that I'm always seeking out, and I've had so much trouble finding the right one over the years, so I really wanted to nail it."

The make-up product took a long time to develop as the team were back-and-forth trying to find the perfect formula.

Lauren continued: "Fortunately, it was a product that we started really early on, so we had a lot of time to play with it."

What's more, 'The Hills' star has accommodated to every kind of makeup lover by including a variety of products to suit their needs and skin type.

She explained: "My approach has always been 'wear the makeup you really love that makes you feel like you' and 'use products that you feel good about."

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