The late Alexander McQueen is set to have a film made after him.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

The British fashion designer - who died in 2010 aged 40 years old - is set to be the subject of an upcoming feature-length documentary titled 'McQueen', which will explore the creative mastermind's life from an apprentice at a Savile Row tailoring company to launching his own designer label and his tragic suicide.

According to Variety the production will be directed by Ian Bonhote whilst Nick Taussig is on hand to co-produce the movie, and nick has admitted he was interested in working on the project because he wants to bring the mogul "back" to life.

Speaking about the movie, Nick said: "McQueen only lived a short life. McQueen tragically took his own life, and I guess I just want him back ... for his freedom of expression and ability to grab you by the throat emotionally."

And the filmmaker believes the work will be a "cinematic explosion" as it depicts Alexander's "human energy".

He continued: "Our film will be a cinematic explosion of his human energy -- most importantly engaging our audience by getting honest, up close and personal with the real McQueen."

And Ian has revealed he is on board the biopic because the entrepreneuer was the reason he moved to London when he was younger.

He explained: "I moved to London from Paris in the Nineties much in part because of McQueen. His sense of style became synonymous with the city's raw energy and edginess, and I know of no other contemporary designer to ignite such an immediate visceral response from an audience."

'McQueen' is still a working progress, but it has been reported Embankment Films will be open to accepting sales at Berlin's European Film Market for one week from Thursday (09.02.17) until February 17.

And it is reportedly set to hit the cinema at the end of this year.

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