Lara Bingle eats pizza twice a week.

Lara Bingle

Lara Bingle

The 28-year-old model may have to keep in tip-top shape for her career but she has admitted she would never restrict her food intake as she and her husband Sam Worthington, with whom she has eight-month-old son Rocket Zot, love scoffing down the cheesy meal a couple of evenings a week.

She said: "I love pizza, that's Sam's favourite food, so we eat pizza at least twice a week. I eat what I like, but I eat small portions. I wouldn't eat a whole pizza."

And, although she's not against an indulgence, the blonde beauty usually keeps her diet simple with peanut butter on toast for breakfast, salad for lunch and pasta for dinner.

Meanwhile, with a young child to look after and a globe-trotting career to maintain, it's no wonder Lara doesn't have much time to spend at a gym working up a sweat.

Speaking to Australia's Cosmopolitan magazine, she explained: "I love all outdoor activities, ballet and I run a lot. If I use weights, I do 3kgs max and I do it at home.

"I mainly work out at home now since having a baby, I don't get to the gym as much as I want to. I do ballet on Skype with my teacher in New York most mornings. It's mainly all body work, lots of leg lifts and arm lifts."

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