Kiki Layne says shooting the latest Kate Spade campaign with Julia Garner and Sadie Sink was "so dope".

Kiki Layne

Kiki Layne

The 27-year-old actress-and-model admitted that although she was afraid she would "fangirl" over 'Stranger Things' actress Sadie, 16, and 'Ozark' star Julia, 24, while they shot the latest campaign for the luxury accessory retailer, there was a "really warm" feeling on set and everyone was "really excited" to be part of the project.

In an interview with Elle magazine, she said: "At the shoot, working with Julia [Garner] and Sadie [Sink] was so dope. It was supposed to be just three girls having fun, like on a weekend getaway where silly, random stuff was happening.

"You could really feel that everyone was really excited about being a part of this campaign, and we all kind of understood what it meant to be a part of this campaign in particular.

"It was just really warm and Julia and Sadie are super dope. I'm also a huge fan of 'Stranger Things', so as soon as I learned that I was working with Sadie, I was just like 'don't you fan girl her at all' [laughs]. And it dope meeting Julia as well. She's going such great stuff with 'Ozark' and all of that."

The 'If Beale Street Could Talk' star went on to explain that she was "really thankful" to be chosen for the campaign, and loved that the brand chose young women at the beginning of their careers.

She explained: "I also just love that the brand chose us, these young women who are all starting off our careers in these projects in really dope ways, but it's still very much so the beginning for all of us.

"So I'm really thankful that they even thought to reach out to me. I'm just now hitting twenty thousand followers on Instagram, like, who knows how many I had when they first reached out [laughs]."