Kesha's style icons are "androgynous".



The 'Raising Hell' hitmaker usually looks to men for fashion and beauty inspiration, in particular her idol, the late David Bowie, though there are certain women she tries to emulate whens he wants a more "classic" look.

She said: "My style icons are androgynous...Men, almost more so than women. I really look to David Bowie for just about everything style and makeup-wise. I would always think, Would this make David Bowie proud? Would Iggy Pop wear this?

"But when you go more classic, Grace Jones, Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot. I just love anyone who's not afraid of colour."

The 32-year-old star has launched her own make-up line, Kesha Rose Beauty, and she's keen for her consumers to use it "incorrectly" as it's more "fun" that way.

She told "For this make-up line, I wanted to embrace a little more of my affinity towards colour.

"I'm putting out a make-up line and what's ironic is that I want people to feel beautiful when they're wearing it, but not from an external place. There's so many colours and different ways to wear each product, that I just want people to play with it and use it incorrectly - because there is no correct way. And that's always how I've had the most fun with make-up."

Kesha is a big fan of all the products in her new range.

Asked her go-to item from the collection, she said: "Depends on what I'm doing. At the AMAs red carpet, I did a black smokey eye: Black eyeliner mixed with Tonight from the FTW shadow palette for just a classically great, fun cat-eye, smokey eye look.

"I love the That B*tch Lip Gloss because it's moisturising. It smells good. It plumps your lips, and then it turns them a baby pink depending on the pH level of your skin."