Karlie Kloss has admitted she still feels "insecure" about herself.

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss

The 25-year-old model has admitted she has her own "flaws and fears and anxiety" about her appearance at times, and although she is grateful to have a successful career at the helm of the fashion industry, she sometimes feels she has to put a brave face on when deep down she is still working to "figure out life".

Speaking to Wmagazine.com, the blonde-haired beauty said: "I am human, and I am a 6'2" or 6'-something human who has insecurities and flaws and fears and anxiety just like everybody else.

"For me, that's what I mean by saying I feel insecure all the time: I'm lucky to have a day job where I get to be a super confident supermodel and put a face on for the world, but at the same time, I'm a 25-year-old girl figuring out life like everybody else."

But the catwalk icon has learned from her idols, including Christy Turlington, is that you must never feel "paralysed" by the insecurities, but to recognise the unsettling feeling to stay grounded.

She continued: "But I think the important thing to learn--and this is something that I feel lucky to have strong women like Christy to learn from--is that you can't be paralyzed by those insecurities. You have to recognise them, and it's important to feel them--they can be humbling and keep you grounded and keep you human--but you can't be paralyzed by those fears and insecurities and feeling inadequate."

Although Karlie has starred in campaigns for luxury brands and is set to grace the runway for Victoria's Secret this month, she doesn't consider herself to be an "expert on fashion or life".

The Kode With Klossy founder said: "It's really surreal, especially because I feel like I definitely have a lot to learn myself, and though I have experienced a lot, by no means am I an expert on fashion or life."