Julia Garner says the label Kate Spade New York reminds her of "home" in a "weird way".

Julia Garner

Julia Garner

The 24-year-old actress-and-model stars in the luxury brand's spring/summer 2019 campaign and she can remember that she "begged" her grandmother for her first Kate Spade bag which was the most "unusual shade of blue" and admitted the unique accessory reminds her of growing up in New York City.

In an interview with Vogue, she said: "I've still never seen anyone with a bag that colour, I begged my grandma for it, and so, in a weird way, as a New Yorker, Kate Spade reminds me of home."

The 'Ozark' star went on to explain that growing up with a painter father, she was had "always had fun with clothes" and insisted that some of the brand's recent collection reminded her of works of art.

She said: "I've always had fun with clothes because my dad is a painter. Some of the spring/summer 2019 collection looks like Matisse pieces, particularly his cut-outs, others have little aspects of Monets in them."

The 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' actress feels "the same thing energetically" when she is acting as she does when she models and she has admitted that when she was posing for the brand's latest campaign she channeled someone "sweet and free" and acted out the shoot.

She said: "People feel the same thing energetically, Sometimes I'll read scripts [exploring] a similar theme because people want to write about it now. It's the same with design - people are connected.

"I acted out the clothes, which are very gentle and feminine, but strong because of the colour and patterns, I felt confident and grounded, but also channelled someone sweet and free."