Jade Jagger's jewellery is "getting stronger".

Jade Jagger

Jade Jagger

The 48-year-old designer - the daughter of Rolling Stones rocker Sir Mick Jagger and his ex-wife Bianca - launched Jade Inc., an integrated jewellery and fashion brand, in 1996, and also worked as the Creative Director of high-end jewellers, Garrard, until 2006.

Jagger - who has also previously worked as a painter and lingerie model - has been in the jewellery industry for more than two decades and she is still learning the tricks of the trade and currently focusing on "fine jewellery".

During a Q&A with Acting Editor in Chief of Harper's Bazaar, Lydia Slater, at this year's Bazaar At Work Summit on Wednesday (13.11.19), she said: "I guess I'd call myself an artist. I started as a painter but found it difficult to work in that sphere because I was much more decorative than all of my colleagues so I moved into jewellery.

"With my jewellery, it's been getting stronger.

"I've been sticking to fine jewellery with the beautiful gold and jewels that I love."

Jagger - who has Assisi, 27, and Amba, 23, with her ex Piers Jackson, and five-year-old Ray with spouse Adrian Fillary - revealed that she ultimately decided to leave Garrard because it was difficult for her to "balance" all of the travelling she did with family life.

She said: "Running your own company with nobody to support you is probably the hardest thing to do, but that's what I've gone back to doing because I'm a sucker for punishment!

"I did feel it was hard with family to be beholden to someone else's needs [at Garrad].

"The travel was extreme, and it was hard on me physically to be straight back in with the kids after long bouts of travel - the balance wasn't quite right for me."