Irina Shayk doesn't want to look "perfect" all the time.

Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk

The 33-year-old model may be known for her flawless complexion both on and off camera, but the Russian beauty has revealed she has "bad skin and hair days" like everyone else and she doesn't need to always be at her best.

She said: "I'm not this stiff model who sits there and wants to look perfect. I'm not perfect. I have bad skin days and bad hair days. Sometimes I don't look like a model. I'm just a real human being.

"I never was this kind of person who was like, 'I want to look pretty.' I thought I would be, I don't know, a teacher, or something related to piano because I went to music school for seven years. I really didn't have a plan."

And Irina - who has two-year-old daughter Lea De Seine with ex-partner Bradley Cooper - likes to be in control of her own life and not have assistants plan everything for her.

She added: "People think I have a team of like 20 people, but it's going to make me more nervous to have somebody else to help me. I think I like to be not helped.

"I'm a Capricorn. I really like everything to be in place. In my house, everything is perfect. If I need to put a nail in the wall or move a sofa, oh yea, I can do it."

The striking brunette went on to reveal that she is "comfortable" in her own skin and has never let anyone dictate how she should live her life on her rise to becoming a model.

Speaking to the digital edition of Harper's Bazaar US, she said: "I've had agents who said, 'Oh, you have to cut your hair, lose the wig.' And I was like, 'Not happening.' You have to know what you want and you have to stick with your decisions.

"People will tell you, 'You're too skinny, you're too fat.' You have to learn how to love you and be comfortable in your own skin. If you really love you for who you are, I think you can do anything."