Heather Graham

Heather Graham

Heather Graham loves Gwen Stefani's style.

The 'Hangover 3' actress is a huge fan of the No Doubt singer and loves how she experiments with her style, keeping an eye on her every fashion move.

She told Life & Style Weekly magazine: "I love watching what [Gwen] wears. She's adventurous and looks like she's having fun. I really enjoy people who are perky and don't care. She just goes for it, marching to her own drum and having fun with clothes."

Heather, 43, also has her own favourite fashion purchase which she wears to give a boost of confidence to her overall feel.

She added: "I can't live without my Prada boots because they're sexy and also comfortable."

When it comes to clothes, the blonde beauty turns to a particular fashion house who cater to women with sizeable chests as well as her close friend's own line.

When asked who her favourite designers and what her must-have beauty products are, Heather replied: "Dolce & Gabbana because they make clothes for women who have boobs. I also really love my girlfriend Michelle Jonas's designs, as well as a company called Stop Staring - they make great retro dresses...

"I like moisturisers. Sometimes I'll buy a Body Shop cream and sometimes I'll splurge on Crème de la Mer."