Elizabeth Hurley uses "darker" foundation to make herself look a "bit healthier".

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley

The 54-year-old actress-and-model - who is the spokesperson for Estée Lauder, a title she has held since 1995 - has revealed the secret to her youthful complexion is blending in a slightly darker shade of foundation than she used to because she says she "can look a bit pale and peaky" sometimes.

Speaking to Vogue.co.uk, she said: "I like dark, smoky eyes and a pale, glossy lip so I tend to stick to it. I use a slightly darker foundation now than I used to, because I find that by the time I blend it in, it makes me look a bit healthier. "Because I don't have much colour in my face naturally, and can look a bit pale and peaky, I always use a pink cream blush on my cheeks, too."

The fashion icon says her best beauty advise is to always make sure everything is blended in properly.

She said: "You have to blend everything well.

"There's a trend for putting everything on with your fingertips, which is fine but I think a couple of good brushes stand you in good stead and help blend everything in."

When it comes to keeping fit, the 'Bedazzled' star says she doesn't' need to follow a fitness regime because she keeps "very active" with gardening, dog walks and fixing her home.

She said: "I don't do anything specific to keep fit but I'm very active - whatever I do, I do with gusto. I run up the stairs, walk the dog, do a lot of gardening.

"I go out into my woods and chop down trees and attack hedges with my hedge trimmer.

"Or, I'm filling gaps in my floorboards with this wonderful new tool I found. I'm active all the time."

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