Edward Enninful says it was "mesmerising" to watch Karl Lagerfeld "work".

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld

The 47-year-old British Vogue editor-in-chief has opened up about his relationship with the late Chanel creative director - who passed away in February this year at the age of 85 - and revealed that he was always in awe of the legendary designer because he "would see" every detail in his clothes with his "encyclopaedic mind".

He said: "It was mesmerising to watch Karl work. His eye for detail was second to none; he would see everything. He was razor-sharp when it came to proportion, shape, texture, colour, detail - if a button on a cuff wasn't right, then he would see it, when no one else would.

"Karl had an encyclopaedic mind; I would nod along, but would often have to go and research who the hell he was talking about - and it didn't help that he used to talk so quickly, it was almost impossible to keep up with him."

And Enninful insisted he always felt that he learnt something from Karl because he lasted so long in the fashion industry.

He told British Vogue: "Every time I left him, I felt as though I had been educated. He was so well-versed and cultured; he surrounded himself with great people and great minds. You can't last as long as he did in this industry if you're one-dimensional. It's incredible to think he was at Chanel for 36 years."

Enninful went on to praise the creative director for offering him so many "words of wisdom" over the years and admitted there "will never be another like him".

He added: "Over the years, Karl offered me, both professionally and personally, so many words of wisdom. I went to see him when I got the editorship here at Vogue, and he told me, 'Just do what you always do, that's why you're here, that's why you got this job.'

"How simple was that? Karl was always there. But sadly, you often don't realise how huge a person was in your life until they're no longer around. There will never be another like him. We have lost one of the greats."

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