Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese wanted to take "risks" with her new perfume.

The famed burlesque dancer has launched her fourth fragrance called Erotique, which she claims will stand out from others on the market because it smells like it was created by a powerful alchemist.

Speaking in a behind-the-scenes video for the perfume ad, she said: "Erotique is really about taking risks with fragrance. There was once a time where people wanted something different from a perfume.

"They wanted sensuality and they wanted a flesh-like, animalistic quality to the fragrance. I wanted this perfume to feel like it was created by an alchemist."

Dita - who is seen posing with a rose in the advert while wearing a glamorous corset with black satin gloves - claims turning her ideas into a scent wasn't an easy process.

She mused: "I had this visual of this gorgeous rose bouquet held by a leather gloved hand, like what does that smell like?"

The 41-year-old beauty unveiled the fragrance at Fred Segal in West Hollywood last month and it marks her fourth perfume.

Erotique is a floral, woody and musk scent, which has been described as "sexy" and "softly seductive" with hints of rose, incense, leather, pepper, coriander, sandalwood, cedar and guaiac wood.

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