Diane Kruger has paid tribute to her "eccentric, funny and sweet" friend Karl Lagerfeld.

Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger

The fashion designer and creative director of luxury brand Chanel passed away in February at the age of 85 after battling ill health for several weeks and his close friend Diane Kruger says she misses seeing him on the streets of Paris, where they both lived.

She told PEOPLE Now: "We lived near each other in Paris so for the last 20 years I would see him twice or three times a week just walking down the street. I have so many memories of him, from walking through Versailles with him or flying to China with him in his plane. We didn't sleep a minute because he was telling me about his childhood.

"He was somebody who was very eccentric and very funny but also very sweet. We spoke German to each other so we always had a special bond because nobody could understand."

Diane, 43, also revealed that she was devastated Karl never got to see her 10-month-old daughter, as he passed away one day before they were supposed to meet.

She explained: "It's very sad, I flew to Paris so he could meet my daughter and he passed away the day before we were supposed to meet."