Are diamonds a a must-have gift for you?

Are diamonds a a must-have gift for you?

Diamonds may have once been on the wishlist for many women, but attitudes are changing. 

Where once diamonds were a girls best friend, women are now more interested in receiving a gift with a personal touch, or a shared experience.

New research from One4all, the multi-store gift card from the Post office, show that over half of women would prefer a thoughtful gift to a diamond.

A joint experience or memorable trip with a loved one topped the poll, with 56% of the votes. Whereas the traditional aspirational gifts like diamonds and designer handbags were some way behind.

And when it comes to cold hard cash, whilst 37% would opt for the money in their hand, over half would prefer a gift card.

Declan Byrne, Managing Director of One4all UK says: “Attitudes to gifting are changing, people do want a more personal touch as this makes something all the more meaningful."

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