David Gandy keeps his abs defined by "depleting" all of the salt out of his body.

David Gandy

David Gandy

The 39-year-old model - who has a five-month-old daughter with his partner Stephanie Mendoros - shot to fame following the success of his topless Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue campaign in 2006, and the star revealed that before he is shooting with a brand, he will starve his body of water for "a day and a half" to keep his signature six-pack sculpted, but will make sure to reward himself with copious amounts of wine and pasta afterwards.

He said: "I do this thing called depletion. You basically drink as much water as you can to deplete all the salt out of your body so you don't bloat. Then you dry the body out by not drinking any water for a day and a half. It makes you feel absolutely horrendous but it is the best day once you've finished shooting and you can eat all the pasta and drink alcohol. At that point, I require both of them every five minutes."

And the British model enjoys doing high-intensity training regimes to stay in the "best shape" for his career.

Speaking to Grazia magazine, he said: "I've always trained but regularly reach a kind of plateau. For modelling, you want to be in the best shape you can be for every campaign you do. When you get to the age of 30, you start putting on fat in places much easier than you did when you were young.

"I make sure to have a goal because otherwise it's so easy to talk yourself out of it. The best thing is seeing a result at the end of the day - it's hard to notice progress but it's part of my work life."

Davis maintains a good skincare routine that is "simple" but effective.

He added: "I'm a big believer in a good scrub, serum and moisturiser. I think men need to keep it simple but still do something."

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