David Gandy has "always" had an eye for fashion.

David Gandy

David Gandy

The 37-year-old model has admitted when he was a child he was adamant he was going to dress himself, and he has claimed he has always had an idea about what he wanted to wear, although he thinks he wore the "wrong" garments "most of the time."

Speaking on ITV's 'This Morning' about his style, the catwalk icon - who received the Most Stylish Man of the Year gong at GQ's Man of the Year Awards in 2015 - said: "My mum always said I dressed myself, I always knew what I wanted to wear, whether that was right or wrong. It was probably wrong most of the time. So, I always had to know what I wanted anyway."

The dark-haired hunk - who boasts his own fashion range with Marks and Spencer named Gandy for Autograph - has admitted growing up he didn't "look" at fashion, but he soon changed his ways and started to look to style icons, including the late Steve McQueen.

Speaking about his fashion muses, David said: "I didn't really look at fashion growing up.

"It changed. I suppose when I was young I was always looking at who we perceive as still the most iconic men, which was Steve McQueen, Paul Newman. And we still do, we are talking about 1960s and 50s and we are still calling those guys the most stylish men, when really they had nothing to do [with fashion], they weren't going out to be stylish men, they didn't have stylists or anything else, they were racing cars and on motorbikes and they were wearing utilitarian outfits that were the best outfits to race cars and to shoot films in."

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