Coco Rocha hasn't exercised "much" since giving birth to her baby daughter in March.

Coco Rocha

Coco Rocha

The Canadian model, 27, is not in any rush to shrink back down to her post-pregnancy body but has found her arms have got stronger since welcoming Ioni into the world seven months ago as she's been carrying her around a lot.

Speaking to, she said: "Since having a baby, I wouldn't say I've been working out much -- having a baby is a complete workout. I have the strongest arms since my daughter is now 20 pounds, and she can't walk. So I am carrying her around everywhere."

But it's not just her workout regime that has suffered since she became a mother as her beauty routine has also taken a blow as Coco doesn't have as much time anymore.

She explained: "I definitely have less time, and I'm doing everything when she's napping or in a good mood. I try to wash my face and put on my skin care while she's in her crib. Showering must always be saved for later, and makeup has to be quicker. I just throw the baby on the bed, put on eyeliner, and run out the door."

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