Coco Rocha says that we should always hand the camera to someone else

Coco Rocha says that we should always hand the camera to someone else

Coco Rocha is sharing her modelling secrets in her new book, and insists that we musn't take selfies.

The 26-year-old supermodel has just released her book, 'Study of Pose,' and admits she isn't a fan of selfies.

She told PEOPLE magazine: "It's sort of kitschy - there is definitely a 'Blue Steel' and 'Le Tigre' in there. But on the other hand it's a legitimate reference book."

She added: "If the book proves anything, it's that there should not just be one 'go-to' pose. Mix it up. And do not take selfies. Hand the camera to someone else."

Coco recently announced she is expecting her first child with her husband James Conran - and she says their unborn baby is "already racking up some air miles," as she is still as busy as ever.

Asked how she is feeling, the brunette beauty said: "I'm a little sleepier than usual - but finding time for naps helps a lot. I'm still travelling for work, so this baby is already racking up some air miles!"

The model announced her pregnancy on her Instagram site by posting a video of herself in a nude leotard showing a hint of a baby bump and featuring the words, 'Baby Conran arriving spring 2015".

She also wrote: "We are absolutely thrilled and elated to announce that after four years of marriage we are expanding our family and expecting our first child spring of 2015!"

The couple - who tied to the knot in 2010 - are yet to reveal whether they are expecting a boy or a girl.

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