Chloë Moretz is not "a big fan" of make-up.

Chloë Moretz

Chloë Moretz

The 19-year-old actress has admitted her beauty routine is "pretty simple" because she doesn't apply a lot of cosmetic products on her face and prefers to go au naturel because she likes the "clean and fresh" look.

Speaking about her daily beauty regime, the blonde beauty said: "Mine is pretty simple.

"I am not a big fan of make-up. I believe in a clean, fresh look. I go routinely for facials at my dermatologist's office, Dr. Lancer, and they have transformed my skin. I wash my face, apply moisturiser, put on some mascara and lip balm and pretty much go about my day.

"My one big tip is always take time to wash your face, no matter how tired you may be.

"The beauty product I use the most is a balm called Paw Paw. It is an Australian product and is the most healing substance in the world for me. I also love Cera Ve moisturiser and cannot live without it."

And Chloë - who stars in the first fragrance campaign for Coach and has previously starred in the American brand's Spring/Summer and autumn/Winter 2016 commercials - has revealed company have become her "extended family" and she is "still blown away" by the brand's collections.

Speaking about the fashion house, she said: "I have been a part of the Coach family for several years and it has truly felt like an extended family to me. Stuart is one of the coolest designers out there and he has transformed the brand into something young and fun while still keeping the classics. I am still blown away when I see that my mom still has some Coach bags that she carried before I was born. Now that is iconic!

"I love [the fragrance]! It's feminine, but still unexpected. The floral notes are not over powering or stuffy, and it feels sophisticated in a cool way. I've been wearing it every day. It just gets more interesting."

Coach's debut fragrance is set to hit stores on Monday (29.08.16).