Caprice and her family only eat organic food.



The 47-year-old model-and-actress insists that she, her long-term partner, American financier Ty Comfort, and their two sons Jax and Jett and have a healthy diet which doesn't include any processed meals.

Caprice admits she does have a taste for junk food but if she dines on it than it wrecks her body's balance.

In an interview with the new issue of HELLO! magazine, she said: "We only eat organic. Refined sugar is off limits - it's poison to the body.

"Although I like junk food, I won't touch it because my body won't feel right afterwards. I have to be disciplined otherwise I suffer. The older I get, the harder I have to work at it."

Caprice also ensures that her kids have very active lifestyles and she always joins in with their sporting activities.

The blonde beauty and her family spend all summer at their villa in Ibiza which is perfect for getting the boys outside and active.

She said: "We go skateboarding, swimming and play tennis and football together. The beaches are so beautiful and at our villa the boys are in and out of the pool all day.

"These guys are bursting with energy. Running around with them is what keeps me young. I love hanging out with my kids. They're so sporty and active. I want them to enjoy their childhood charging around outside, just like I did when I was a kid.

"They have so much energy and it takes a lot to wear them out so I try and get them to meditate with me."

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