Andie MacDowell stays looking great as she approaches her 60th birthday by getting "nine hours sleep" and practicing yoga.

Andie MacDowell

Andie MacDowell

The 59-year-old actress revealed her secrets to maintaining her age-defying physique and glowing skin is getting a good amount of sleep, drinking "lots" of water and eating a protein filled diet which makes her "feel good" about her body.

Speaking to the New York Post newspaper, she said: "I think about longevity, and I take care of myself. My cholesterol's good. I advocate nine hours sleep. Do yoga. Hike every day. I watch my interior life and well-being. And I feel good about myself.

"I stay hydrated. Drink lots of water. Juice daily with fresh lemon and celery. I'm O-positive so I can and do eat meat. I stay size 4-to-6."

The body confidence that MacDowell has gained from her healthy lifestyle gave her the confidence to accept a role in her latest movie

'Love After Love' in which she appears nude on-screen for the first time in her career.

MacDowell insists she felt comfortable stripping off as her character Suzanne for the sex scenes in the drama film because the role required it and she is delighted that her performance is attracting positive attention.

She said: "With this film 'Love After Love,' everyone's suddenly paying attention. The most attention I've gotten in a long while. It's brought huge opportunities. Even talk, which I'm open to, of a Broadway opportunity.

"I've done sex scenes before and felt all right this time because I knew everyone around. I didn't care who was there. I felt no shame. The crew was cut back. Precautions were taken. And I knew it's important to the character. My actress daughter's been naked in a movie. I have never made my family ashamed of their bodies. Different from my own background. My parents, more European than I, were conservative. I've seen this film three times. It has no effect on me. I feel fine watching it."

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