Fans are being invited to create paper dolls with the Alexander McQueen design team.

McQueen creative director Sarah Burton

McQueen creative director Sarah Burton

Taking inspiration from those made in the brand's atelier, aspiring designers can follow the process via a YouTube video on McQueen's official channel and download a template to create their own paper doll at home.

A message on McQueen's Instagram said: "McQueen Creators. We invite you to make paper dolls with us, taking inspiration from those made in the Alexander McQueen atelier. These dolls, or maquettes, are used to visualise the placement of fabric and embroideries on garments on a small scale.

"Learn how to make a paper doll at home with a member of the McQueen design team.

"Follow the link in our bio to watch the full process and download the template to make it at home."

In the YouTube video, Alexander McQueen design team member, Tim Mason explains how to make the dolls, which are used by the label to decide on the placement of fabric and embroidery on the luxury garments.

Since the Covid-19 lockdown began, the McQueen label - of which Sarah Burton is the creative director - has worked to engage its followers in a series of initiatives.

Earlier this month, fans were invited to take part in a photography challenge.

A message on the website stated: "We invite you to submit photography taking inspiration from nature: now more than ever its beauty and ability to regenerate is a symbol of hope and quiet power.

"We will unveil a series of images shot during the lockdown from photographers based all over the world. Our brief to them was the same: to capture their perceptions of nature during this moment of global quarantine."

There have also been embroidery challenges and silhouette drawings.